Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm Trying

In my life I have not been very good about "making memories".  I spent a month in the hospital last fall, and had a lot of time to think.  I realized how much time I spent brushing off my kids to do trivial read a book or take a nap or make supper or whatever else came up.  It is not natural to me, but I have decided to make an effort to "make memories". 

I am trying see the fun in life, rather than all the things that make it hard.  When you have a negative outlook most of the time, then it is harder to see the brightness in things.

So today, even though we had no one to have a picnic with, I decided we were not going to waste our Memorial Day.  We gathered Leah's friend and a cooler full of drinks and hit the lake.  Once there, I realized that I have missed out for the past 2 years.  We have lived here, and I have never been to that lake before.  All that time, and I could have been making memories! more.   I am going to make memories and drag my family along kicking and screaming if I have to!

I even laughed when Chris poured cold water down my back rather than getting upset at him...which I have done in the past.  He did it to tease me...he teases me because he loves me.  It was fun!

This making memories stuff is not going to come easy to me, but the more I learn about life, the more I realize it is all memories...the good, the bad, and the ugly.  It is my life, and I am going to start enjoying it!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Let's see how this goes.

My Sister-in-law has been encouraging me, for a while, to start a blog.  I have a lot to say, but am not sure how many people actually want to read it.  I kept a diary for a while when I was younger, till my sister got ahold of it...then I burned it and never wrote anything down again!

I am going to start this blog as a way to write down my observations about life, and maybe in the process, figure out who I really am, and why I am here.